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No matter your age, my philosophy of education remains the same - I strongly support student centered learning. Student centered learning reflects students' own interests and learning styles, draws upon individual strengths, and allows for engaging learning activities.  Learning is more valuable when it's personal and it helps build self-responsibility, an invaluable life skill.

My goal for students is to offer the supports needed in order to develop into well-rounded, kind individuals who contribute positively to the world in which we live. Becoming an independent learner through student centered learning is only part of the equation. The other part is incorporating critical thinking and creative thinking skills into learning.

My aim is to offer a variety of learning activities and resources that can benefit people of all ages. My main focus is on learning skills and thinking skills. As the website grows, you'll see more STEM and Project Based Learning.

Below is an example of what you will find here. Check back soon to see updates.

Sale Time

Learning Preferences

Did you know there are at least 7 different learning styles? In this section, blog posts will revolve around different ways of learning and understanding new information.

Light Bulb

Critical Thinking Skills

What is critical thinking? Why is it important? How can we cultivate critical thinking? These are all questions that will be addressed in this section.

Leaves Welder

Creative Thinking Skills

How is creative thinking different than critical thinking? What are the different types of creative thinking? (Hint: creative thinking is not just used in the arts). How can we enhance our creative thinking? You will find the answers to these questions here.

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